About ECC Sweden

ECC Sweden facilitates trade within the EU borders. Our task is to provide consumers with advice, information as well as assistance and mediation in trade within the EU as well as Iceland and Norway. The service is free of charge.

Increased trade across EU borders can sometimes lead to consumers having problems, both due to language, but also due to different legislation in different countries. This is why the European Consumer Centres Network was founded in 2005, of which ECC Sweden is a part. ECC Sweden is also a part of the Swedish Consumer Agency’s information service Hallå konsument, where consumers can get help.

ECC Sweden can help consumers with

  • Mediation with companies based in another EU country, Iceland or Norway.

  • Advice in the event of problems with cross-border trade.

  • Information to prevent problems in cross-border trade.


  • Force a company to act according to law. The mediation process is voluntary for both parties.

  • Mediate in a matter if we cannot identify the seller or where the seller refuses to cooperate with the ECC Network. Nor can we mediate in purchases between private persons.

  • Serve as a legal representative or help out when the consumer has already initiated legal action.

  • Assist in purchases between traders. Traders can instead contact their trade association or a legal information service or a law firm. They can also get information from Enterprise Europe Network.

  • Assist in matters of fraud or other crimes, for example if the matter concerns investment fraud or so-called snowball systems. Contact the Police instead.

  • Assist if a person reports a problem with an authority and believes that the EU legislation is not being followed. Contact the online service Solvit instead.

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National collaboration

ECC Sweden cooperates with other authorities and organisations to increase the protection for consumers.

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Contact point assignments

ECC Sweden has several contact point assignments, including as the contact point for consumers according to the Services Directive and for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).

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The register contains cases and reports registered with ECC Sweden and the Swedish Consumer Agency from 1 January 2019. The register is in Swedish.

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Source: ECC Sweden

Proofread: 10 January 2023